Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Beating a Hair Drug Test

Many companies and corporations today are quite strict when it comes to their employees. They want to be able to cover themselves in the case of legal action from customers, and so they want to make sure everything is strictly enforced at work. That’s why many companies now require drug testing and many simply have a strict policy and will not tolerate any drug use. While we all have our indiscretions, it’s important to note that not all drug use is bad. If you’re taking a certain drug that you need and may set off a false positive, immediately tell your employer or the tester. If you have taken drugs and need to pass the test, there may be some things you can do to remove drug traces from your body. If you are an occasional or first time user, then all you may need is a few hours or days to remove the drug trace from your system.

beat hair follicle drug test

If you need to pass a hair drug test, you may need more careful planning. It is possible to beat hair follicle drug tests, but you will need time. First, you may want to shave. Removing the hair from the body ensures you will take out the traces of past drug use. The thing is, you can beat a hair follicle drug test and show you didn’t take any drug for the last 2 weeks, but if the tester were to look closer, older hair will show the history. It’s best to remove your head and body hair and allow it to grow for 2 weeks before going in for a test.

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